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Merge +


Merge+ helps you easily find & merge duplicate contacts.With Merge+, you can join duplicate contacts in your Android phone & Tablet with only three clicks:1. LAUNCH Merge+ to find duplicate contacts2. REVIEW merge suggestions and mark who to merge3. MERGE your selected duplicate contacts
★ New: Android Wear support! ★
★ Use voice command "Start merging" or receive a merge notification (when duplicates are identified)★ View merge suggestions on your Android Wear device★ Select "Merge all" on your Android Wear device or review each merge suggestion on your Android device
Note: Merge+ can also be found as an integrated feature in Contacts+. Please make sure that you review all duplicates and backup your contacts before activating the merge option.
We’re always happy to get your feedback and answer any questions at: info@contactspls.comFacebook:* Using Merge+ is subject to the Terms of Use in this link: